They're only brand new to the Rosie & Dott collection but trust us when we say that they're here to stay! Our belts offer everyone that touch of sparkle and class needed to jazz up a dress or shirt or blazer. We don't think you can ever underestimate the power of a beautiful, dainty belt and the more this little company grows then the more we hope to expand our collection of belts! So far we've heard from so many brides and bridesmaids and fashionistas who love the belts we have stocked so far and that makes us so excited and so proud too!

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Bouquet Charms

When planning a wedding it can be difficult trying to think of ways to incorporate loved ones who are no longer with us. We thought that stocking small charms that clip to your bouquet would be the perfect way of remembering that special person on your big day. Each charm comes with a glass cover enabling you to print your favourite picture of your loved one to place inside. The glass cover will then protect the photograph. 

This collection is brand new to Rosie & Dott and more styles are to come in the coming months. We hope you love our bouquet charms.  

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You know what is hard to find? Beautiful, dainty, sparkly, pearly bracelets that are amazing quality, won't break the bank and will not catch in your top or dress or lace robe! We only started stocking our bracelets this year and they have been so popular with our Rosie & Dott followers and seeing them in your snaps on Instagram and even seeing them in your wedding pictures makes us so happy! There is nothing like a beautiful bracelet to compliment your outfit! 

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Clip On Earrings

Welcome to our Clip On Earrings section of our website girlies! No matter if your ears are pierced or if they're not, whether your ears are sensitive or not - we cater for EVERYONE here at Rosie & Dott! For months and months people have been asking whether we're going to stock some beautifully sparkly clip on earrings and finally we have managed to get our hands on some of our best sellers in clip on styles! 

We hope you love them! All of our clip ons have passed the Rosie & Dott tests - they're super shiny and gorgeous while being comfortable and secure too! 

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Clutch Bags

What make's a good clutch bag? In our humble opinion we think a clutch bag should be very cute, elegant and functional. All of our clutch bags are handmade and like everything else we stock - they're elegant and each make the perfect gift or accessory that we know ladies will wear and use for years to come! Whether you like a sparkly clutch like our Crystal Clutch Bag or something colorful and girlie like our Floral Clutch Bag or maybe you prefer something classic like our Pearl Clutch Bags - we have it all here!

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We are SO proud of our Rosie & Dott earring collection! When Rosie & Dott first began we started with a collection of three earrings and that is how our little business has grown ever since! Our earrings are our best sellers and we know exactly why! We pride ourselves on picking earrings that we know our Rosie & Dott crew will love. Our earrings look like a million bucks and WOW - they sparkle! All of our earrings are extremely lightweight and elegant which is super important. We stock drop earrings and stud earrings and our ear cuffs and clip on earrings will be launched very soon....

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Welcome to our Headpieces section of our website! We understand the importance of a beautiful, modern, stand out and comfortable headpiece here at Rosie & Dott! Whether you need a crown or a sparkly hairband to finish off that perfect outfit for your best pal's wedding or you're planning something special for your birthday or maybe you're searching for that dainty hair slide for your own wedding day - we have you covered! Right from the beginning of Rosie & Dott we were always determined to help women feel their absolute best through wearing our accessories so we hope you love our collection of head pieces!

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Ring Boxes

It's the little details that make the difference - especially on your wedding day! When planning a big day photography plays such an important part so when thinking about this we decided we simply HAD to stock our own range of luxury ring boxes. This is only the beginning for our ring box collection and they make such a beautiful gift for a recently engaged loved one! Our ring boxes are the perfect way to showcase your engagement and wedding rings and they will make such a pretty accessory displayed for your photographer and loved ones on the morning of your big day!

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If there is anything the perfect outfit needs as a finishing touch then it is the perfect pair of stylish, sophisticated and classy pair of sunglasses! We have always LOVED sunglasses and they are for sure something we know you all love too. Whether you're dressed down and running to the shop or you're heading out for a brunch date with your gals - our shades will make you feel that extra bit more chic and glam. If there is one thing you should always be, it's chic and glam!

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