About us

How it all came to be...

Welcome to Rosie & Dott! My name is Siobhéal (pronounced 'Sha-vale') and I am the VERY proud creator and owner of this small accessory business based in Kildare, Ireland!

I have always been a huuuuge fan of fashion and accessories and dressing up! I love making an occasion out of anything to be honest!

Back in 2011 I was the Dublin Rose in a very famous festival here in Ireland called The Rose of Tralee Festival which is held in Kerry in Ireland every year. Women from all over the country and all over the world are chosen to represent where they're from and it was through this experience that my life totally changed! I met the most incredible pals and this is even how I met my hubby, Brian! 

Rosie & Dott is named after an amazing woman that came into my life in 2011 called Dorothy 'Dott' Henggeler. Dott was the 2011 Washington DC Rose.

One thing is for sure - Dott loved nothing more than having the best time and making everyone around her feel like a million bucks. Dott passed away in 2014 and when I thought about starting this business I knew I had to name it after someone who was not only a complete lady but a hardworking, go get 'em, take no prisoners legend!

When planning my own wedding in 2019 I quickly realised that firstly it is SUCH an expensive time but also it was so hard to find a one stop shop that had sparkly, beautiful, modern jewellery and accessories for an affordable price! All my friends were getting married and I wanted to dress up for all these special occasions but I found it tricky finding those beautiful finishing touches that would not cost a small fortune!

After being made redundant at the start of 2019 and after spending way too long in jobs I was not happy in, I decided to just go for it and try to make this dream of mine work so here we are!

Thank you for joining in on the fabulously sparkly journey!

Grá Mór,

Siobhéal xx