Starry Night Earrings (Gold)

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They’re here and we feel a bit emotional about it - these earrings are the first of our VERY OWN, EXCLUSIVE designs! 🥹💜🥳 This project has been a year and a half in the making and finally the ball is rolling. We’ve experienced constant set backs and disappointments while trying to make this dream a reality but we’re here now and this is just the beginning 🥹🎉💗

Our earring collection needed more DRAMA! More GLAMOUR! More STATEMENT pieces! 💜 We hope you love them! Starry Night Earrings were designed based on a pair of earrings we stocked two years ago that were a HUGE hit! The style needed modernising so here we are 😍

Our Starry Night Earrings are 40mm in length and come in their very own Rosie & Dott gift bag 👌🏼

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