Bridal Box Gold

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We are so excited to introduce you to our gold and silver Rosie & Dott Bridal Boxes! Inside each of these limited edition parcels contains some of our prettiest and most popular pieces! We're making room in our little office for what's to come so we thought it might be nice to offer our Rosie & Dott gals a chance to grab a fab, sparkly offer! Just pick your preferred colour - gold or silver - and have a look through our pictures to see what each Bridal Box contains.

Our Bridal Box in Gold contains:

1 X Gold Bride Necklace 

1 X Gold String of Pearls Necklace

1 x Gold Leoina Earrings

1 x Gold Bow & Pearls Earrings

1 x Gold Daisy Drop Earrings

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